steamThe latest Steam controller concept update was discovered in the new Steam client beta. While I’m not nig on this controller concept to be honest or even the upcoming Steam OS which is basically a Linux distro; this is good for competition and ideas.

The controller itself looks decent, nothing special but has the Steam feel into it. I need to hold it and game with it for sometime to give final judgment but I’m happy that someone is making something new in tech and gaming. Your thoughts?

So I turned 29 two days back with a quite but nice dinner. My plans for this the upcoming years is to work more and stabilize my YouTube channel with a regular posting schedule. I will be getting married soon and moving out so Im kinda in the middle of a mess at the moment. Anyway, I’m glad  that I started the blog and will continue to blog and make videos side by side.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Dual PackStrange in a sense of “that will never happen” way. Nintendo capitalized on selling the same game twice under the multiplayer excuse and I’m fine with that as pokemon made me love the original gameboy. I have played and enjoyed all the pokemon games up to date and even used to watch the show and this is by far the strangest thing I thought we will never see.

Why am I making a big deal about it? For starters you were not meant to own the other version, instead you had to find a friend to trade with. At least that was the idea. Seeing both games together in this awesome pack for $79.92 made my day. The 200 potions feels out of place but a good free bonus. Overall, a great package.

spacehdIt is the year 2014, video games has grown to the point that a single game install can take up to 50 GB+ let alone day one patch of 20 GB. This is becoming an issue to a growing number of gamers as hard disk space is something to be considered very seriously. Fast internet to download monthly patches is a luxury many don’t have including myself.

Now I know that games are getting bigger and more space is used by all the HD stuff and what not but I’m sure that sure that developers, if worked hard could come up with a way to optimize and compress the content without noticeably effecting the quality. We are doing this to video files since I don’t know when using Handbrake or other software so whats the problem with games? Compress the videos and music but give me a smaller  install requirement any day. Allow the option of selecting the install type and video/music quality to save disk space.

The other thing is the day one 1GB patch thing; take your time developing and optimizing. I understand that bugs are found after release but not this much. Assassin’s Creed Unity had over 300 bugs that are being fixed with patches, don’t tell Uobisoft did not know about that.

The simple fact is developers are rushing the games out half finished with hopes of fixing them along the line and that is something I hate! I can wait an extra month or two so please take your time and optimize. Gone are the days where developers had to figure of the PlayStation one and Sega Saturn to take a full advantage and release an optimized version and there were no patches back then. Now its all about money and quick yearly releases with little to no effort put in.

I really hope that future games become less space demanding and fully playable day one. Is that so much to ask?

pokemon_vrA dream come true for old school Nintendo and Pokemon fans. Pokemon has gone VR. Well not really but this test created by a developer using a motion control and Oculus Rift.

How do I personally feel? I don’t know. Sure it’s cool to be using VR in games but are we there yet? And the most important question; Will this be the next 3D? I remember the craze that came along with the new 3D technology, I my self own a 3D TV and I am yet to test it. Truth is, no body cares any more. The hype shifted to the smart TV which is basically running android on your TV. And with the whole Facebook, Oculus Rift deal things can go south.

I’m not saying this is the next gimmick but I also not sold that this is the future. Just like flying cars, this is just something we are not yet ready to do. Concentrate on making Great games > This VR thing.

I just don’t want this to be the next Wii controller. Doing VR for the sake of VR. Concentrate on making great games and when if Oculus Rift becomes mainstream then and only then jump on the train. Now I realize that no official statement or support been made regarding this but I feel like developers will take note and try to early adopt for the sake of adoption.

I said it twice, I will take great games over new gimiks any day.

Whats happening guys? I apologies for not blogging or uploading any videos to my channel for sometime and hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones or even alone ;)

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Rumors can be a tricky business, they can be started by anyone and fade away even quicker but once in awhile turn true. This may be the case with Forza Horizon 2 rumored to be coming to Windows 7 and 8 soon. It all started with Amazon listing Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon, and although both were pulled later this can only mean one thing: The rummer is true.

Why would Amazon suddenly make a listing by itself? The above makes sense with Xbox One not selling as anticipating it makes sense for Microsoft to port these tittles to a growing platform, aka PC gaming. I been saying this for sometime; Forza on the PC will be great. Downloadable cars and tracks by the mod community along with other extras, whats not to like?

Some will argue that it may hurt Xbox One sales as the struggling system needs exclusive for which I can simple reply with: It wont matter. PC gaming is not directly competing with consoles. Back at the day SEGA used to release and port games to the PC despite having a console.

My only concern is how will they market it? Games for Windows Live is dead so the way I see it they can release it on Steam or Windows Store. Steam is by far the best and the biggest PC gaming online store there is so releasing the game on valve’s tool is the best thing for business. The problem is, Microsoft store will be competing with Steam and the achievements thing handled by  non Microsoft software could be a problem.

If only Microsoft made Games for Windows Live more stable, easy to use and overall consumer acceptable like Origin is trying, things would have changed for the better. Never the less its not too late, as they say: Better Late than Never.

I’m looking forward to playing this on my PC with improved graphics and community created content and hope it seals well so that Microsoft can then start porting Halo and Gears of War collection in 4K.

The_Evil_WithinSpoiler Alert: Ending Discussion

The Evil Within’s ending is as confusing as it gets. At first all is good and simple until you realize that things are not what they seem. Lets debug it together:

Sebastian defeats Ruvik smashing his brain and wakes up from the nightmare. He then notice that everyone connected to Ruvik’s head was dead. Sebastian walks out with cops all over the place with Leslie the only survivor walking in the distance. All clear right? Wrong.

It is obvious that the game starts AFTER Sebastian was abducted -as seen by his missing photo in New Game+- and inserted into the Ruvik’s world. The supernatural things as seen through the surveillance camera is not real. Ruvik has no power in the real world.

Now before the final boss fight Ruvik finally catches Leslie and melts him presumably taking over his body in the real life. This theory explains the way Leslie walks as opposite how he used to. In short, many think that Leslie is controlled by Ruvik.

The problem with this theory is that:

  1. Why was Sebastian still having the noise headache in the real world after waking up as when he was looked up?
  2. How did Leslie disappear in seconds, let alone walkout unquestioned or stopped in front of all the cops?

My theory after searching the internet and reanalyzing is that you never leave the nightmare world. As Kidman said, nobody can ever leave. That explains the headache and the way Leslie disappeared. Its a Matrix inside a Matrix theory. Another thing to add is that before you wake up the hospital was very clean and tidy then looks deserted and broken down when you wake up.

This is the only theory that makes sense in my opinion unless we start arguing that Ruvik carried over his power into the real world which in my opinion will totally break the story. The future DLC will hopefully answer this and more like:

  1. What was the purpose of Ruvik mahcine?
  2. Why did the organization want Ruvik dead?
  3. Why send in everyone?
  4. What is this organization?

Speaking for myself; I did not like the story that much. I hate the “It was just a dream” thing in movies and games so I never was big on this game’s story. The thing that made this story kinda different is that the dream world is somehow connected to realty so not all was wasted.

Anyway, that was my take on the ending. Feel free to share your own theory in the comment section.


And so I think that there’s too many other ways to enjoy games now, for the game console to enjoy the hay days of the past. But we’ll see. The thing that I do know is this, without any question is that the PC is continuing to expand the number of titles. Great titles are coming to the PC. It’s is continuing to grow and the quality of titles is growing up ever so fast. – Jen-Hsung

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So unsurprisingly Nvidia CEO officially voiced his opinion on consoles and PCgaming and it makes sense. Now before you acuse me of anti consoles; I own old and new gen and game on everything from Game boy color to Xbox One. PC gaming has grown to the point were almost every type of game is available unlikely the PS2 era were PC gaming was restricted to shooters and RTS. New days, everything from platforms to sports are available on Steam, GOG or Origin as well as physical copies so there is no shortage.

PC gaming problems decreased over the years as well. Gone are the days were a game would not install or you need to configure stuff for it to work correctly . Of course, some issues are there and you will get into trouble if you don’t know what your doing but that’s very rare these days. I can simply plug in an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller and enjoy The Evil Within on big screen and that’s exactly how I played it.

Almost always the game looks, feels and plays better on PC and once a problem is discovered you are not limited to the support of the company who made the game as the community puts up unofficial patches all the time if not even better than the official. You are not alone and people are always there to help.

Now do I think consoles will die soon? No but they will continue to decline until there is no point. Back at the day consoles were special with special games and overall feel, not they are basically PC parts put together in a box. Nintendo on the other hand is trying hard to keep the console era alive by putting out great console type games.

I enjoyed playing Sega Saturn, PS one and Dreamcast but new days I just cant get into consoles like I used to. The need to install and 15 GB patches and have problems that Pc gaming used to have turned me away. I still enjoy Nintendo, retro and 3DS but that’s about it.

I really hope that consoles go back to the way they used to be; Fun and simple.

ubBy now, the news should be out to everyone that the newly Assassin’s Creed Unity runs very poorly and unoptimized. Surprisingly, a simple fix was discovered; disconnect the internet from your console/PC. After killing the internet the FPS should double and the game becomes playable.

How did Ubisoft not test this is beyond me. Instead of placing a review restriction and try to hide the problem, admit it or better yet, take the extra time to fix it before releasing a half finished game with full price tag. And no, this is the not the first game from Ubisoft that came out half made. Trials Evolution Gold had this problem and still to this day is not fixed or patched. Resident Evil 4 port that they did was a horrible game that made Capcom redo it all over again for the PC.

Let alone the horrible Uplay that they impose as an attempt to capture steam sales. I get it, Ubisoft needs money just as any business but releasing broken games and place restrictions is not the way to go. Games and people and general likes to buy good stuff, meaning good games with great story and gameplay and not poorly optimized, half made release.

Gamers allover the world are raging and they have every right to be. I for one, will NOT be buying this until Ubisoft starts taking gamers, the customers that put money inside their pockets more seriously and trust me, I’m not the only one. It is one thing to forgive a mistake made by a trusted company, accepting broken products and getting used to it is another.

Sometimes you just say enough is enough and that’s exactly what many are saying. Ubisoft, I love Rayman and bought it across many platforms. It was nicely done and optimized so I bought it. We are not hatters, we buy good products so make your games right. Take extra months and even years but make the game right that’s all what we are asking.