Excited for The Crew

tcWhile reading the latest GamesMaster magazine, I came upon this open world racing game to be out around November this year. I love racing games but hate open world. To me; it feels limited on what can and cannot be done as the whole game is set in one setting. Add to that the fact that there were no good open world racing games since I don’t know, the invention of open world with a small exception to forza horizon which I’m yet to play but are taking my brother’s word for it.

Yet after reading this and checking IGN I feel that this is the game that will change my mind and become “my type of game” which I will be playing regularly. The graphics look good and so as the gameplay but more information is needed to confirm my expectations. I just hope it doesn’t become pay to win type of game where everything is in real life money.

I will probably be picking the PC version as I’m playing to upgrade my machine to support the next Gen games. Lets see how things play out.

New favorite addon discovered

So how is everyone? Been little busy progressing in Resident Evil 6 and yes, still on Chris’s story. Anyway, while surfing the interwebs I finally decided to try Evernote Clearly. If you don’t know what Evernote is, I suggest heading to the official site and start using it.


I’m surprised it took me this long to try it out as I am a heavy evernote user for storing my documents and important work related stuff.

Not only dose it clean the blog posts on destructive websites like LifeHacker, it can also save it to read later on your main Evernote note. Go ahead and try it.

Resident Evil 6 first impression

Starting this post with a fact that I am the biggest Resident Evil fan there is. I own most of the Resident Evil games on multi platforms and still hunt the remaining ones on eBay and local sellers. With that out of the way, lets get into my first impression after playing Resident Evil 6 on Xbox 360.

re6Growing up with Resident Evil 1 and on made me love the franchise more and more until part 4 and 5. It is when the formula totally changed and the game became something else with the Resident Evil name. I started Resident Evil 6 playing as Chris; the old school Resident Evil 1 hero who started taking steroids from RE5 and onward.

The controls felt broken and un resident evil like although I got used to them in 30 minutes. The new inventory system is confusing and time consuming. Why couldn’t they keep the RE 5 inventory system is beyond me.

The first chapter was not that great to begin with as it seemed very repetitive and boring. As I finished it and moved on to the second, things started to change for the better. I am now more familiarized with the system and the enlivenment but the thing is, I cant but feel that I am playing a 3rd person Call of duty game. The squad command is not helping either. Resident Evil was always about 1 guy getting into trouble in a no man zone. Running around a group of solders is not Resident Evil.

Never the less, I am enjoy so far and my brother who has completed the game is saying that things will get better. Hoping for the best. Out.

Daily Pickups: Sega Saturn Magazines acquired

It is no secret that I was and still am Sega Saturn and old school SEGA fan. It is this issue that I first picked up in the super market years ago along with it’s demo.

1I remember rushing to my Black Saturn and testing the demo using the official region free card. Boy was I amazed. I remember playing world wide soccer over a 100 times and trying to glitch my way out of the map in steep slope sliders. The days gaming was actually fun and inventing.

Fast forward to today and I managed to score some mags of my past and a couple of new ones. The reason I stopped going further is cause I don’t wanna be broke from the start as I have bills to pay and people to take care of. Never the less, these amazing gems will surly bring back the nostalgic feeling and joy to my heart.


Reading about the amazing Xmen vs Street Fighter after playing it in the mall.



Reading about Dreamcast for the first time and seeing Sonic Adventure, I got super excited and little sad cause I knew that we would not be able to afford this any time soon.


Bought it from the mall’s book store. The CD was missing though.

5 6

I cant say the deal was cheap but its well worth it.

Window Media PC Remote Control final bought

For years my eBay watch list had an important item that for some strange reason kept on sleeping till this morning. The Wireless Window Media MCE PC Remote Control.


This item is very important even though I have a media box along with a hard drive supported TV that can load movies off it. Never the less, I can now use my PC from the comfort of my bed and by use I’m not talking about graphics editing. I can now watch movies, play music or start downloads. A simple thing can make the difference. Awaiting the arrival patiently.

Using Firefox for a week

My browser history is not that different from the average dude, with one small exception. Unlikely most my first non IE browser was Opera and not Firefox. With the increase compatibility problems namely GameFAQs.com I got tiered of opera (It was paid product) and switched to Firefox.

Years later Google chrome came out and after a year or so I finally switched. Now I am perfectly happy with chrome but as a tech guy (mind if I call myself that?) I like to explore and learn so I will switch and use Firefox for one week starting tonight.

firefoxOne thing I noticed off the bat is that the spell check is not the same level of chrome’s version. Understandable with Google products to have the best spell and voice to text but Firefox need to catch.

I am starting with no addons except a theme and Adblock plus. Don’t mind the greasy monkey as its not used. Will report back after a week on the matter.

Sony forgets to renew a domain, everything goes offline wait what?


You heard it right. Sony as a company forgot to renew one of its core websites domain resulting in most of the games to go offline as well as a number of support forums. Hold on and let that sink in. So one of the biggest companies simply forgot to renew a website contract critical to online gaming and forums?

After reading the news, all I picture is this:


Yet people still defend Sony and its dying brand of gaming that did nothing for gaming since the PS2 and keep on bashing the Xbox. Amazing news. I had hoped that this would have been a trolling article or an April’s fool news but not, its as real as Sony gets.

Killing Floor is surprisingly fun

Now hold on, before you rage let me make it clear: I bought the game shortly after release but did not understand the idea of it so I left it alone. Years later my brother was playing the call of duty zombie mode and I immediately realized how fun would killing floor be.

KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-20-09-809Wasting no time I downloaded the game again and bought all the DLCs pack as they were on sale and sent a gift version to my brother. Hours after I came to conclusion that I missed a great game and was glad I give it a second chance.

The problem is, I am new to such type of games so I started learning and practicing. Of curse all of my sessions were offline as my internet is not stable enough. The game is very hard, even on beginner as I’m struggling to defeat the first boss but I kept on playing and will continue to do so. I may pick KF2 when its released but for now I’m enjoying this great game.

Waiting for my brother to fix his PC so he can join me in killing the freaks. Recommended to all.

KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-20-20-664

KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-20-25-125 KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-21-46-766

Buying and upgrading weapons as you collect cash and glory. The game offers allot of different weapons even without the DLC.KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-22-23-961 KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-31-01-245Everything is simple when you have a rocket launcher.


Ben Affleck and Batman drama

Its been sometime since the initial storm but people and websites are still reporting and discussing this supposed issue. Ben Affleck is not a good placement for batman, Ben Affleck is a bad actor, Ben Affleck killed my Dog, etc…


Well, the truth is; we wont know until we watch the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie which is in my opinion a bad idea in itself. I admit, I don’t follow Hollywood and actors but one thing is for sure: I will watch the movie regardless if its Ben Affleck or John Cena. People will watch it. Now I understand that some are worried that should the movie doesn’t sell well it will be an end to Batman movies. Incorrect kind sir, there will always be future batman movies by some one.

Back at the day, everybody was worried that the Heath Ledger would not fit as the joker and now he is being worshiped. Give the guy a chance, if not another guy will make a batman movie sooner or later. They may even produce part 2 without taking into consideration the ratings of the first. Who knows?!

BenAffleckBatmanMy point will always stand; don’t judge an incomplete project. Take Mad max for example, Mel Gibson will no longer be starring in the upcoming Mad Max 4 yet you don’t see starting a witch hunt regardless of how sad I feel that the legendary Max is changed. A new guy may even be better and needed.

One last point before I forget and its a big one: I did not like the current Batman Alfred stars. Batman looks too young and alfred too fat, regardless I enjoyed the movies. Watch the movie, not the actors.

Thank you for reading.



The Purge: Anarchy is comming

The_Purge_–_Anarchy_PosterJust as I was about to complain of no good movies, this came right into my face. With the release date tomorrow (July 18, 2014) I’m surprised how I missed it. I managed to read the intro plot on wiki and I must say I am little disappointed. Take a read (is it even a word?) at the spoiler free plot yourself before I explain why.

The Purge is a night where all crime is legal and all hospitals, fire stations, poison control centers and police stations in the United States are closed down for 12 hours. In 2023, a year after The Purge of 2022, a couple named Shane and Liz, are driving to one of their sister’s house in Los Angeles to wait out the Purge when their car runs out of gas just as the Purge commences, and they flee from masked attackers on motorcycles and minibikes. Meanwhile, Leo Barnes goes out into the streets to get revenge on the man who killed his son, and a mother and daughter, Eva and Cali, run into the night after an unknown group of well-equipped assailants break into their tenement. The five people meet up as they attempt to survive the night.

Now back to my point; The first purge left more questions than answers wit ha potential part 2. Instead, we get a totally different story with the not so original story. Family’s car breaks down, even murders appear, family try to survive. Whats new in that? Although IGN claims the movie is more developed and organized than the first part, I’m yet to be convinced myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the movie; I’m simply saying that I was expecting the story to continue instead of a random spin off of the name. I may be jumping the gun and will probably regard the above but until I see it for myself I will always have doubt regarding the story.

I am hoping for answers to at least some of the burning questions left by the first part although it is unlikely that anything linked to the first movie will be talked about. Lets see.

Will update you all when I manage to see it.

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