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So as promised earlier on twitter, I will be starting my GTA experience from 3 and onward. Last night, I managed to install and play GTA 3 on PC of which I bought earlier on steam. To start off I set everything to high and maxed out the resolution for the best possible outcome.  Setting up Xbox 360 controller with this game takes allot of work and downloading so I used mouse and keyboard.

I noticed that something funny is going on with the screen with broken edges (aliasing) but the frame rate was stable. I got used to the sensitivity of the camera movement and hijacked my first car. As I progressed and learned the game I realized that was missing on great games. Now my brother kept on saying that this is arguably the worst GTA and that the later titles are way better I insisted on finishing this game as I like the character and the settings.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-20-48-142I am yet to use a skin but I like the way they set it up, just like every PC game should be; customizable.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-30-27-489Doing missions is kinda repetitive but that’s GTA 3 for ya. So far I hijacked a few cars and enjoyed the physics. Im still working on my aim but I guess you cant get used to everything within 30 minutes. I am looking forward to continue playing and trying  San Andreas as I already own it on the original Xbox.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-27-39-898The graphics look kinda old but playable and to be honest, I am very late to the party so cant complain. All in all, the game is enjoyable and I am sure things will get interesting along the way. I recommend it as its very cheap and fun.

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So once again, the main theme has been changed. For better or worse, I am still experimenting with the themes as I am adding and connection my social media accounts along with the upcoming new affiliate program along with the introduction of a guest post and featured website promotion. Let me know how you feel and if anything should be changed. The coming weeks will bring new features and opportunities.

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dcGreat to see a company support and update post sale games for free. Sega announced that it will start updating Steam ports soon with enhancements such as achievements and more. Great news as most of the old school Dreamcast ports can use HD update to bring them up to date. Now I am hoping for more re releases as Sega Dreamcast old school fan. Ports of Saturn would be nice as well but Im not crossing my fingers as Saturn ports tend to be hard to reprogram as far as Sega claims.



Lets see how things develops.

df3Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is now coming to PS4 alongside the PC as a timed exclusive which does not bother me much but the hypocrisy of some does. When Microsoft does it; everyone loss their minds. When Sony does it; Genius.

Let me clarify something: I have every console made from 3rd generation going onward so its not that I hate someone but the hypocrisy is killing me. My take: Good for Sony to secure another exclusive although I fail to see a big impact but good job never the less.

The game will be coming alongside its PC plan in late 2014. Dreamfall is one of the greatest point and click ever made although I still think the first chapter will still be the greatest but good game.

The Podcast can be found here:

Dreamfall_Chapters_Europolis_Concept_Art_1 Dreamfall_Chapters_Journeyman_Inn_in_Autumn



When Windows 8 was first announced I had mixed emotions as I was perfectly happy with Windows 7′s performance. But with increase urge to try the next big thing and with the help of my brother who kept on praising W8 I finally made the switch and boy, was I impressed.

Before going forward, I would like to make it clear that the looks play big part in me deciding to try something out. I know it is stupid but that’s how I am. What made me love Windows 8 is the beautiful design along with a noticeable boost in performance in gaming. As a PC gamer every fops counts and I must say I had about 10 or more FPS increase. I am yet to update to 8.1 as I read horror stories about games not working and what not so that’s for the future.

Now what bothered me about Windows 8 is the tablet interface. I know I can easily get out but with the lack of the Start button which I tend to use allot the experience got downgraded for me. Apart from that everything was good although I still think Microsoft Store looks and feels strange.

Now Windows 9 is announced with the possible return of the Start button and I am excited again. What I expect is another increase performance with more beautiful designs and from the rumors and little news I think I will be getting just that. I know I can add the start button to Windows 8 but the original ingratiated Windows 9 design looks amazing. Mark my words; I will be switching, just not right away as I first need to confirm the gaming performance hit or increase.

w9 2


Another beautiful concept floating around the web. Just look at this beauty. Years ago when I was using Windows 95 I always thought why cant PC operating system look beautiful. Now I can smile as my wish came true. Nothing comes close to this design and certainly not OSX which I am using for over a year and hatting every part of.

Let us all hope that my predictions about Windows 9 turns out true ;J

While browsing IGN, I came upon the news I wasn’t aware of. A new 21 minute Toy Story short movie is coming today October 16, 2013. And while I haven’t watched it yet, I am excited to know that a new Toy Story movie even if short is out as the last one was too depressing.

Will update you more as I manage to watch it.

Yes, this will be the 2nd game I have ever preordered followed by Batman Arkham Knight. The director Shinji Mikami, responsible for the original Resident Evils promises amazing horror experience and from the game play footage it looks like we will be getting a Silent Hill meets Resident Evil game which is amazing and nothing less.

I admit I did not know anything about this game until a friend showed me the gameplay, I immediately fell in love with it and will be preordering it as soon as my paycheck arrives. For $59.95 & FREE Shipping you will be getting the free DLC:

Pre-order The Evil Within and receive the Fighting Chance Pack. The pack includes a medical kit, green gel used to upgrade Sebastian’s attributes, a double barrel shotgun with three shells useful for tight situations with multiple encroaching enemies, an incendiary agony bolt capable of showering nearby enemies with damaging fire sparks and a poison agony bolt which draws enemies towards it and poisons them. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.

I will be getting the game on PC but the game is available on almost everything. Get it now from Amazon.

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