Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-38-00-204I will not try to hide that I was and still am the biggest Sega fanboy although I slowed down by the time Xbox 360 and PS3 hit the market. Truth be told, Sega of today is no longer the Sega of Saturn/Dreamcast era. Never the less, great games do come out from time to time and Sonic 4 was a great attempt on bringing old school fans back home. I admit, I bought the game when it came out but never played it seriously until last night before going to bed. I will do my best to summarize everything in unbiased natural review.


Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-38-44-253

The graphics look beautiful although some aliasing is visible. I am running the game on mixed resolution and settings and everything looks great. The new cartoonish style is a nice addition to the series. Some of the objects in the background are done in 3D and will have nice effects. The stages look detailed and sonic alike. Apart from the little aliasing I have no complain.



Sonic_vis 2014-09-01 00-10-18-192

Well, what can I say.. The gameplay is good but not on the same level as sonic and knuckles. Sonic starts moving in a wired way and feels slow to start. He kinda walks faster without moving his hands which results in a strange movement. The gameplay itself is not glitched or anything but feels slower due to this problem. Everything else including enemies attack looks ok. Sonic’s homing attack feels out of place at first but you will get used to it with time, not as smoth as I hoped it would be. The 3 act per zone returns much like the first Sonic game with a fourth being a boss fight.

The game works with Xbox 360 controller right out the box.



Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-48-23-953

The game’s music is ok but not great. Personally, I’m not a fan although the game sounds are Sonic type. The music feels repetitive and uninteresting, at least to me.



Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-40-55-816

Overall, the game is good. Could have been better but its a good start for episode I. There things to do like leader boards, completing the zones faster and emeralds. Some new eliminates and puzzles were added as well as old school not so great stuff like the Night Casino zone which is full of annoying paths. There are some puzzles which are easy once figure out what to do. Basically, its  Sonic 1 remake. Most of the stages resamble the first Sonic game remade in 3D. Not necessary a good thing but cant really complain. The game is very cheap and die hard Sega/Sonic fans will definitely need to pick this up be it on PS3, Xbox 360 or Steam.

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Neoseeker just reported that a new more powerful 3DS with extra Ram and better CPU is coming this October in japan. A new small analog stick is also added on the right above the buttons. With this news comes two important questions; A. Will this be available outside japan? B. Will developers take note of the extra power?

The 3DS is no PC so introducing new, more powerful version will force developers to readjust or configure future game plans. So far Xenoblade Chronicles upgraded version will only work on this and not any other 3DS. I just hope that future games will not be divided between the new and old hardware. Upgrades are always welcomed provided they are done right and to be honest, a 3DS could use some upgrade. Didn’t expect this news at all so lets hope Nintendo brings this outside japan.

mario maker

Ever since Wii U came out I always wanted one but did not take any serious action toward it. The lack of games as well as the kinda expensive price for a no game system. All aside, I will be getting Wii U as soon as Mario Maker hits the stores. I always dreamed of creating mMarioand sonic levels and now I can, officially. It is now confirmed that players will be able to upload and downloaded levels over the internet and that only adds to “reasons to get”.

mario maker

mario maker

I believe that by now you are convinced but just to be sure let me explain: You can switch between styles and Nintendo promised to bring more as DLCs after the game is out. Creating your own containt is always fun and I always loved making my own stuff since NES. Watching this game very closely.


I’m sure that by now, many of you heard that Resident Evil Revelations 2 may be coming out. I am all for a new Resident Evil with dark atmosphere and creepy surroundings but let me explain why I think Revelations 2 makes no sense at all. The game was good, a spin off set in between Resident Evil 4 and 5. The story was decent for a side game and the environment was creepy. The monsters were kinda cool but nothing special or old school Resident Evil alike. That is the main problem, it is a side story that ended. RER2 will bring nothing more but confusion and broken side story that ended in the first one.

I understand, Capcom can and will come up with a way to tie things up. The problem is, will quality control be imposed or will we all end up with a part 2 side story that no one cared about in the first place? Capcom is in a tight corner now with financial trouble and what not. The last thing they need is this. Save the budget and release something the fans want or use the money to produce or even remake some of the classics like Final Fight and Mega Man X.  Soeaking of Megaman, I will tear eBay from inside out for the X collection as soon as I receive my next gaming budget and by receive I mean pay my bills and use part of whats left.

Any way, I hope I made it clear as of why I think that this is a bad idea. Let me know what you think.


The rumors were true false, Google will not be buying Twitch after all. Instead, Amazon will finalize the deal soon to acquire the games streaming giant. I am happy that it is Amazon instead of Google and before you call me anti Google crusader let me tell you this:

I have never broadcasted anything on twitch although I am planing to. The likely scenarios if Google managed to buy it would have been:

  1. Google shuts it down and merge it with YouTube. or
  2. Ruin it to the point of no return much like the YouTube.
  3. Google +

Amazon on the other hand has a vision, to become the best and with the ongoing company innovation and services I can easily trust Amazon over Google any day. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google but in this case; not so much. You can read the announcement bellow:

On August 25, 2014, it was reported that the rumored Google deal had fallen through, and that Inc. was in talks to acquire Twitch for at least $1 billion.[37][38] The acquisition was confirmed by Twitch executive Emmitt Shear shortly after. The deal, valued at $970 million, will be finalized within the remainder of 2014.

Twitch will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inc, with Emmitt Shear remaining as CEO. Shear touted the Amazon Web Services platform as an “attractive” aspect of the deal, and that Amazon had “built relationships with the big players in media” which could be used to the service’s advantage—particularly in the realm of content licensing. The purchase of Twitch marks the third recent video gaming-oriented acquisition by Amazon, which had previously acquired the developers Reflexive Entertainment and Double Helix Games.

Sony is under attack yet again. PlayStation network unstable with failed attempts to log in or do anything. Now this is not the first or even third time this has happened, so the big question is: What did Sony do to prevent this? Why is this happening? And most importantly, will this happen again?

I am not network expert and I do not claim to be a pro but clearly this has never happened to Xbox live or Steam. I was very close on placing an order for a PS4 but its things like this remind me why I am holding out.

Take a look at the history of Sony Online outage for yourself:

The latest reports claim that things are getting back to normal although the full story is not out yet. Lets wait for Sony’s official story and prevention plan.


Managed to hunt down this gem, well not that rare but I always wanted the limited edition tony hawk game. Been looking for this for a while and finally decided to grab it. As per wiki description; this game fixes a few glitches found in the normal edition and add a few extra characters and possibly a map. Will need to grab video converter box for PS2 games to display correctly on HD television and I am ready to roll.



That’s right, Biohazard 4/Code Veronica had a psychical release in Japan and I am about to hunt it down like a stray dinosaur. As a Resident Evil die hard fan and psychical lover, I find things like these very attractive and within a few years they gonna be rare. The problem is, I work hard (like most people) to support my gaming hobbies and the expensive for life are getting higher so that leaves me with very little to spend.

Any way, I will try to hunt it down once my paycheck gets sent to me all before the arrival of the physical Resident Evil remastered next month. Will keep ya all posted.